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Common Mistakes Beginner Sewists Make and How to Avoid Them

You are bound to make errors as a beginner sewist even if you use the best home use sewing machine. Several of these mistakes exist; learning to identify them can help you avoid them in the future. While some of these errors may come naturally, some may go unnoticed until you start struggling with the standard sewing process. Even expert sewing machine users can occasionally make such errors until they devise means of avoiding them. Once you purchase the best sewing machine for home use, please try to identify and avoid the following mistakes in sewing:

Trying to Interchange Woven and Knit Fabrics

This is perhaps one of the most standard sewing errors you should avoid. It may even take you several years to figure this error out. You might have tried to make fitted draped wrap in woven rayon because rayon feels soft. You might have also tried to make a cardigan inside woven jacquard wool because the wool fabric looks like a knit used to create a sweater. All these assumptions are wrong in many ways. Mohair, for instance, has no stretch and cannot be knit. When you ask yourself the question: what is the best sewing machine for home use? Think about the uniqueness of fabrics you will work on, and don’t interchange them because they possess different qualities.

Don’t Skip Seam Allowance to Make a Garment Smaller.

There are some other techniques you can use to make a garment smaller instead of reducing the seam allowance. Skipping seam allowance can create issues on a garment later on. While the sides of the garment may become smaller after skipping seam allowance, the curvy areas such as the necklines, crotch, and armscye will look more significant if you ignore the seam allowance. It can take a while to figure this out, but it pays to avoid it from now on.

Using Regular Sewing Machine Stitches When Hemming Stretchy Knits

Though a good sewing machine for home use should handle stretchy hemming knits, that doesn’t mean all sewing machine stitches work for them. Try and hem the lycra and rib knits with the regular zigzag stitches or straight stitches and see how wobbly and twisted they become. This is the reason why you should opt for a machine that works with as many stitch styles as possible.

All Fabrics are Made for Sewing

When choosing a durable sewing machine for home use, most beginner users think all fabrics are made for sewing. This is quite far from the truth. A soft rib knit that comes with no lycra, for instance, will never recover when stretched out; hence it is not suitable for sewing. Similarly, those loose woven fabrics that fray during sewing and then become shapeless garments when worn should be avoided. Fabrics that also break or repel needles and prevent proper stitching must also be avoided even if you use the best rated sewing machine for home use. Choosing the right fabric is as important as choosing the right sewing machine.