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Can you take your ESA in a Restaurant - 2022 Guide

Do you ever feel lonely or depressed? After a traumatizing experience, you may feel an emptiness inside you that is difficult to fill. You are now faced with 2 choices – stay miserable or find a solution! Getting an emotional support animal can help you achieve the inner peace that has been missing from your life.

What is an Emotional support animal?

Contrary to what you might think, an ESA is neither a pet nor a service animal. An ESA is a superhero pet that you can play with to improve your mental health. To get an emotional support animal, you will need an emotional support animal letter. This letter distinguishes a regular pet from an ESA.

The need for an ESA

Getting an animal is a huge commitment that you may not be ready for. You need an ESA if you suffer from any of these diseases: PTSD, depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, or stress, etc. You might be wondering how an animal will help with this terrifying disease. The effect of the mentioned diseases propagates when you are lonely. With an ESA by your side, caring for them can be emotionally relieving.

Is your ESA allowed to live in your apartment?

Some tenants do not allow pets like dogs. If you have an esa letter for housing, you can force your tenant to let you keep your animal. This is because you need the animal’s support to lead a normal life. Through the letter, your ESA is allowed to live with you by law.

How about restaurants?

I hate to burst your bubble but ESAs are rarely allowed in restaurants. Some restaurants may allow it while others might not. Since ESA’s are not given any training (unlike service animals), their behavior cannot be predicted. The ESA may make other customers uncomfortable by misbehaving. You should always call the desired restaurant beforehand and ask them whether they have friendly pet or ESA policies.

Is this a problem?

Not having your ESA by your side may not be as big a problem as you are imagining. Service dogs are allowed in restaurants because their owners cannot function without them. On the other hand, you can probably spend a few hours eating a meal at a restaurant without suffering from an emotional breakdown. As soon as you are finished, you can go home and cuddle with your furry friend.

What if the restaurant allows ESAs?

Hypothetically, what behavior is expected from you if you call a restaurant and they claim that they will allow your ESA to give you company in their restaurant? You must be considerate to the guests (customers) as well as the restaurant staff. Please ensure that your ESA does not misbehave with anyone. Additionally, it is wise to keep a check on their bathroom breaks and ensure that they do not make the restaurant filthy.

Calling in advance

When you call the restaurant about their pet policy, after their green signal, tell them the expected time you will show up. This will help them provide a positive atmosphere for you. You should tell them on a call about the good behavior of your ESA and never forget to thank them. When you arrive at the restaurant, do not enter abruptly; instead, wait for the staff to escort you inside.

Train your ESA to be social

It is your duty to ensure that your ESA is well-behaved in public places like restaurants. The sounds of plates and seeing tasty food can make your ESA (especially dogs) very excited. You must teach them to calm down on command. Until they are properly trained, try not to visit any restaurants with your ESA.

Make Guests comfortable

The new entering customers may panic at the sight of an ESA because they are not expecting an animal in the restaurant. What you can do is put a cute little vest on your ESA. Additionally, you should try to be approachable so that you can answer any questions that the guests have. By doing all this, you are showing a positive image of the ESA community in the eyes of the public.

Why you could need an ESA in a Restaurant

Imagine that you are out with your family or a friend at a fancy restaurant. Out of nowhere, you get PTSD when your friend orders Pepper Steak – your ex-girlfriend’s favorite meal. You start missing her and your anxiety levels are now off the charts. In the presence of an ESA, you can cuddle with them to emotionally relieve your frustration.

What are you waiting for?

Are you still confused about getting an ESA? Analyze the pros and cons of getting an ESA and make a decision. To get an ESA, you will need an ESA Letter first. This letter can only be crafted by a mental health professional with a proper license. The professional will diagnose your mental health first and then provide the letter.


To conclude this topic, ESAs may or may not be allowed in restaurants. If they are, it is your responsibility to act ethically and inform the restaurant staff in advance. If you are unsure about getting an ESA, watch YouTube videos and read online columns by people with ESAs. If physically consulting a health professional seems impractical, the whole process can be done online now. As soon as the letter arrives at your doorstep, get the animal of your choice from any pet store or shelter. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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