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The Stanford-BMVSS Jaipur Knee, which is the product of research due to a formal memorandum of understanding between BMVSS and Stanford University, was hailed by Time magazine USA(November 23, 2009 issue) as one of the world's 50 best inventions in 2009.

Currently, the artificial limbs for handicapped in India has been undertaken from suppliers who make joints meeting the Indian Standards Institutions (ISI) mark. It is called the Jaipur Hand. BMVSS mainly fabricates the sockets. Now, a major research project on below-elbow artificial hand is underway in Stanford University in collaboration with BMVSS. The model is likely to be functionally more efficient and inexpensive. Bio-Electrical Artificial Hand is being developed by Manipal University Jaipur in collaboration with BMVSS. Negotiations are going on with Calpoly University LA also, for the development of Bio-Electrical Artificial Hand.

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